Affiliated Artist/Group 

Not only will students be given a chance to play with theatrical ideas, but they will gain experience in communication, teamwork, expressive and critical interpretation skills. An exposure to performing arts is crucial to building cultural awareness and creative thinking. The Iowa Acting Ensemble hopes to give young people a chance to play, ask questions, experiment, and consider the theatre as a relevant and important part of their lives.

Improvisation engages audiences with spontaneous creativity. The "liveness" of theatre is emphasized, offering a strong contrast to mass media.

Audience engages directly with performers: audience suggestions are incorporated into the performance, and volunteers are invited on stage to perform with the actors. Shows can also be tailored to themes, lessons and values of a particular audience. Improvisation demonstrates the principle of teamwork, trust, and saying "yes!" to new ideas.

Depending on the chosen workshop, students will learn about:
• An actors creative process and character development
• Themes and background of Our Town OR The Crucible
• Shakespearean language, iambic pentameter and scansion
• Scenework involving Shakespeare’s The Tempest
• Basic acting concepts, staging and play interpretation
• Creative problem solving in groups
• Self Expression, Movement, Pantomime
• Theatre vocabulary