Arts Share offers schools and communities around the state a variety of opportunities, including interactive performances, workshops, readings, residencies and master classes.  To date, we have visited 84 of the state's 99 counties, and continue to grow.

Arts Share Iowa County Outreach


Arts Share continues the University of Iowa's long tradition of sharing creative resources from the Division of Performing Arts (music, dance, theatre), the School of Art & Art History, and the Writers' Workshop with communities across Iowa. Through collaborative engagement and outreach efforts, it is the goal of Arts Share to strengthen the arts and provide access to life-enriching arts experiences throughout Iowa and beyond.

Almost 100 faculty and staff artists and graduate students from the School of Art & Art History, the Division of Performing Arts, and the Writers’ Workshop are available through Arts Share. Faculty and staff artists are distinguished professionals, having performed and taught throughout the nation and abroad. Graduate artists attend one of the prestigious University of Iowa graduate programs in the arts, and have been recommended to us by a faculty or staff member.  Most graduate artists have extensive performing and teaching experience.


The University of Iowa established Arts Share in the summer of 1995 to continue the arts education outreach and engagement efforts that had been in existence for nearly twenty years under the auspices of the former Arts Education and Outreach Program.  In 2015, the Arts Share program moved from the Division of Performing Arts to the Office of Outreach & Engagement as the departments included in the university’s outreach efforts expanded.